Authorities have arrested a man who had allegedly tried to kidnap NYC mayor Mike Bloomberg’s daughters.


48 year old Joseph Beecher reportedly broke into Bloomberg’s ranch in Colorado and demanded Amanda Edinger, the housekeeper, to see the mayor’s daughters, Georgina and Emma. After learning that they weren’t there, Beecher forced Edinger to drive to Wyoming and had her withdraw cash.

Investigators were able to track Beecher and Edinger’s whereabouts using the housekeeper’s iPad, although it wasn’t mentioned which technology they used, or if the ‘Find My’ network was involved. Eventually, they were able to find Beecher in Cheyenne who was staying at a motel.

When asked, Beecher said he wanted to ‘make an international scene’ but wouldn’t elaborate on the details. When police arrested him he was armed with an AR-15 and a handgun.

Beecher is charged with kidnapping at the federal level; however, there haven’t been any state charges yet.


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