Oceanic+ app beta version launches

The beta version of the much-awaited Oceanic+ app for Apple Watch Ultra was launched today.

Several individuals were lucky enough to have hands-on with the app, which allows divers equipped with the Apple Watch Ultra to have their smartwatches act as dive computers at depths of up to 130 feet or 40 meters.


The Oceanic+ app is designed to prevent decompression sickness, or a condition where the diver goes up to the surface too quickly. The dive computer acts as a monitor to measure elapsed time and depth during a dive, giving users a warning that they’re coming up too fast.

Apple included the Buhlmann decompression algorithm, a widely trusted and used technology in the diving industry. The Oceanic+ app has a free basic plan to track dive logs, as well as time and depth. For a set price, the app unlocks other stats, unlimited logbook capacity, tissue loading, and decompression tracking access.