Official AirTag Loops Are Down to Just $18


AirTag Loops and the AirTag are a match made in heaven, and today you can get as much as an $11 discount with the AirTag Loop which is down to just $18.25 from its original price of $29 on Amazon.

Apple AirTag

AirTag Loops are available in a wide variety of colors, and they do their job well in terms of protection. With the loop, your tracker device won’t get lost, detach or get scratched against hard and abrasive surfaces. Accessory-wise, you’ll love how it fits the device and unlocks more attachment options.

At full price, the AirTag Loop might sound a bit pricey, but with an $11 discount it becomes a must-have for AirTag owners. Keeping track of your valuables and making it look nice is easy with official Apple AirTag and Loop, and now you have a chance to grab the Loop at a discounted price. Get it today!


Samantha Wiley

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