Official Apple iPad 9.7 Smart Cover Discounted At Amazon

Recently gotten your hands on a discounted 9.7-inch iPad? You can take home an official Smart Cover for your shiny new device for only $19.50. Amazon is offering the official Apple Smart Cover for the iPad 9.7-inch model in charcoal gray at 50% off. It’s originally priced at $39.

Other colors are available but carry a price tag of $32 for the midnight blue option, and $39 for white, red, and pink sand covers. When nothing but the best touches your iPad, make sure that you’re getting a quality smart cover made by Apple.

The Smart Cover for iPad is created out of a single polyurethane piece and made to protect your iPad 9.7 inch model from everyday knocks, scratches and bumps. The cover offers wake and sleep modes as well as magnetic attachments, and can be folded for different tasks, such as reading, typing or watching videos. Apple’s smart cover is also compatible with the iPad Air, iPad 2017, iPad 2018 and the iPad Air 2 model.

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