Official ChatGPT iOS app unlocks Bing access for subscribers

A new update for the ChatGPT iOS app allows paid subscribers to use the AI directly in Bing.

Bing integration is now added to the newest version of ChatGPT iOS. As per the release notes, ChatGPT subscribers can open a ‘browsing’ feature that combines Bing searches with GPT-4. Once enabled, users can get ‘comprehensive answers and current insights on events and information’ in-app.


ChatGPT will be using the search engine to obtain accurate information based on existing data. The web version already has this integration, with Bing being the default search engine after Microsoft made a hefty investment in OpenAI. Users can enable the feature by going to the ‘Browsing’ option and switching to the GPT-4 model.

ChatGPT is a sensational AI-based platform where users can get answers or solutions to their questions and concerns. The app is available to download on the App Store for free, although a subscription is needed for the more advanced features.