Omoton’s Vertical Laptop Stand is now just $17.50


A vertical laptop stand serves as a decluttering and organizational tool for those who want a desktop setup. Today, you can get the Omoton Aluminum Vertical Laptop Stand for just $17.33 from its original price of $24 on Amazon.

Omoton’s Vertical Laptop Stand

Omoton’s stand is stable as it comes, and there are four unique colorways to choose from. The anodized aluminium alloy is treated, and the scratch-resistant base is wide and promotes better stability. What’s worthy to note is that you can adjust the base for a custom fit, which means your MacBook Pro won’t wiggle or lean, which can cause it to fall.

Also, the inside of the dock has non-slip silicone mats to ensure your laptop won’t get dented or scratched up while in desktop mode. Among other things, it can hold a keyboard, tablet or an iPhone in a pinch. At just $17.33, you should snap one up before the sale is done!


Samantha Wiley

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