Your MacBook doesn’t have to take up a lot of space when transitioning into desktop mode. Keep things classy and organized with the help of a vertical stand.

Vertical MacBook Stand

Today, the Vertical Laptop Stand from Omoton is down to just $15.29 from its original price of $25.99 on Amazon. That’s a $10.70 discount or 41% off on a useful and elegant accessory for your MacBook.

The vertical laptop stand matches the material and color of the MacBook via an anodized aluminum alloy that’s CNC machined, sand-blasted and brushed to perfection. It’s virtually scratch resistant and made to last. A wide base keeps things steady and prevents the laptop from falling down.

It’s also adjustable in width and can accommodate most notebook or laptop thickness that range from .55 inch to 2.71 inches. Last but not least, the inside of the stand is covered with a non-slip silicone mat to stop scratches from marring the surface of your MacBook.

At 40% off, there’s no reason to not buy the Omoton Aluminum MacBook Stand. Get it today!


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