One Drop Blood Glucose Monitor Currently Sold at Apple Retail Stores

Apple has started selling One Blood Glucose Monitors in select locations, according to CNBC. The product gives people suffering from diabetes to track their blood sugar levels using the Health app.

One Blood Glucose Monitors have always been on sale through Apple’s website, but it’s the first time that it sat on Apple Store shelves. In a related matter, Tim Cook stated before that the company wanted to make contributions to the health industry, and the One Drop Monitor may very well be the first step to that end.

One Drop Blood Glucose Monitor Price

The item is priced at $70 and includes chrome lancing, a Bluetooth blood sugar meter, test strips, and the carrying case. It takes only five seconds for the results to show, which is sent to the Apple Health and One Drop app.

Right now the One Blood Glucose Monitor can be bought at select Apple Stores, but the company is preparing to expand to most U.S. Apple Stores in July.

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