OpenCore Computer launches its desktop system Hackintosh based on macOS Catalina


The OpenCore Computer has launched its first macOS based desktop system. The system is also based on Windows 10 Pro. The company follows the footsteps of PayStar which is more likely to face strong reactions from Apple’s legal team.

OpenCore Computer

The Hackintosh is the computer that runs the macOS on the unauthorized Apple hardware. Apple has yet not made any move against the company. Previously Apple did file a lawsuit against Psystar in 2019. Psystar clones Mac systems. Apple prevented the company from selling its systems.

The company launched a computer called Velociraptor which violates the EULA for macOS. This new system by OpenCore has a high level of performance. It includes up to 16-core processors and 64GB memory.

It also seems that OpenCore Computer is facing another issue. The developers of the OpenCore Bootloader, Acidanthera shared a statement with MacRumors regarding the use of the OpenCore name illegally by the company. They said in the statement that reads:

“It is shocking and disgusting that some dishonest people we do not even know dare to use the name and logo of our bootloader, OpenCore, as a matter of promotion in some illicit criminal scam”

Currently, OpenCore is trying to accept the payment in Bitcoin to get around the EULA. They are doing this in an attempt to prove that their company is not a scam and also offering the users to use the escrow payment via “Bitrated.”


Samantha Wiley

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