Opera GX Mobile open Beta now available on TestFlight

iOS users can now test Opera GX Mobile on a TestFlight pattern to see how the gaming-centric web browser works.

Opera GX Mobile is the smartphone version of the Opera GX, which offers a plethora of gaming-related features. The mobile version is said to have haptic feedback and vibration, as well as a Fast Action button. It’s optimized to run GeForce Now and Microsoft xCloud platforms and will have features from Opera GX, including the GX corner, customization options and Flow.

Opera GX

Users can choose from 4 different themes, including White Wolf, Purple Haze, Ultra Violet and GX Classic.

Opera GX is said to have 9 million-plus users, and the company mentioned how there was a strong demand to create a mobile version of the web browser. Currently, Opera GX Mobile is in open beta and available through the TestFlight program.

The official Opera GX Mobile doesn’t have a set launch date yet. The beta version is available on iOS and Android.