Oral-B encourages smart brushing with 3 iPhone connected products


Toothbrush manufacturer Oral-B recently debuted three new smart toothbrush products that are compatible with the iPhone.

Oral-B Encourages Smart Brushing

Smart toothbrushes are nothing new, but Oral-B has introduced unique features on its product lineup, particularly on-device pressure control and real-time feedback. The iO4 and iO5 are entry-level devices and feature lights that glow when the brushing goal is met and multiple brushing modes. The iO5 will have coaching and coverage tracking via the Oral-B app.

The iO10 is the high-end smart toothbrush in the iO lineup, featuring Oral-B app syncing, live coaching using the iOSense Charger technology and insights on brushing habits.

Oral-B claims that the iO lineup allows users to experience better at-home cleaning using a built-in timer, pressure control and 3D recognition. Both the iO4 and iO5 are set to be available to the public early 2022 and feature different color options, while those who are interested in the iO10 will have to sign up on a wait list.


Samantha Wiley

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