Organize Your Apple TV with an Elago Mount for $16


A clean-looking and organized TV setup has more merits than it looks. Adding an Apple TV into the mix isn’t a problem with the Elago Apple TV Mount. The versatile mount is getting a $4 discount, which brings the price down to just $16.14 from its usual $20 mark.

Organize Your Apple TV with an Elago Mount for $16

Apple TV Mount

With Elago’s product, you can mount your Apple TV three ways- screwed on the wall, attached to a metal anchor with magnets or anywhere you want with the strap. Custom-made vents allow for good circulation to ensure your device won’t heat up even with prolonged use. The mount’s material is made from scratch-proof silicone to protect your TV and Apple TV from damage while maintaining high signal strength.

The Apple TV Mount by Elago is compatible with Apple TV 4th Generation. It’s a perfect companion for your device and keeps things neat and easy, and adds to the overall viewing experience. Got a 4th-gen Apple TV? Add to cart and check out today!

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