Outer plastic wrap gone from iPhone 13 packaging

Apple’s commitment to reducing material used on its products showed itself recently in an online photo of the iPhone 13 packaging, where the outer plastic wrap that typically covers the box was noticeably absent.

A photo posted on Twitter revealed the new packaging, with sealing done via a sticker and pull tab to keep the box from spilling its contents until bought and opened. The label gets attached to an inner section at the top and bottom of the box itself. The mechanism keeps the box closed and acts as a seal at the same time.

Apple has adopted the mechanism before, with the stickers appearing on Apple Watch bands and accessories such as cables. Paper labels are usually reserved for bigger accessories that have rigid, two part packaging.

Apple says the removal of plastic wrap can save 600 metric tons from appearing in landfills. Furthermore, the Cupertino-based company has made a commitment to completely eliminate its packaging plastic by 2025.

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