Partnership with Walgreens allows Apple Employees On-Campus COVID-19 vaccinations

Apple has partnered up with Walgreens Boots Alliance to bring on-campus COVID-19 vaccinations for Apple employees.

Bloomberg reports that the Cupertino-based company has made an announcement to its employees that they can get COVID-19 vaccination shots by signing up online.

Apple has not asked employees working remotely to return to offices and has not set a date on when they should come back. If in the case a mandatory return has been issued then the vaccine should make things safer and more convenient for them.

Currently, only mission critical staff and engineers have occupied Apple offices but in limited hours. California has expanded on its efforts to make the COVID-19 vaccine more accessible. It’s not mentioned whether the ‘on campus’ term meant Apple Stores, its Austin Texas campus or other offices.

More than 50 percent of US adults have been vaccinated with the coronavirus vaccine. All adults in the United States are now eligible to take the shot.

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