Peanuts-Style art is the focus of YouTube ‘Today at Apple’ classes

Viewers can learn how to draw themselves as a ‘Peanuts’ character when they watch Apple’s first YouTube ‘Today at Apple’ session starting Wednesday.

‘Today at Apple’ sessions serve to draw people in on the many ways they can they can use their Apple products. The program started in stores but now have shifted online due to the pandemic. The Verge reported that Apple will be bringing ‘Today at Apple’ on YouTube and its debut will have lessons on how viewers can draw themselves as ‘Peanuts’ characters.

Peanuts-Style Art

The video is 10 minutes long and hosted by Anthony, an Apple Store employee and Krista Porter and Mark Evestaff, storyboard artist and showrunner of ‘The Snoopy Show’. The art is done using an Apple Pencil and iPad, with collaboration being done via Pages document.

‘Draw Yourself as a Peanuts Character in Pages’ is available to view on Apple’s official YouTube channel. It’s already premiered and marks the first foray into the YouTube platform.