Peloton purchase could boost Apple’s ‘Healthcare Initiatives’


Peloton’s recent announcement that it would halt treadmill and bike production has made it a tempting purchase target for big companies. Wedbush believes that Apple could land the acquisition and provide a ‘major strategic coup’ for the Cupertino-based company.

Healthcare Initiatives

Rumors say that Amazon is the first in line to buy the company, although it’s been said that Apple is reported to be in the mix of potential suitors as well. Furthermore, Wedbush says that Apple could have a catalyst in the aggressive initiative towards the health and fitness market with this action.

Nike or Amazon getting Peloton can mean a foothold in consumers’ living rooms in a global sense, and cross-selling other services equates to massive potential. Meanwhile, Apple can use its Apple Watch and Fitness strategy to leverage the flywheel and services to ‘bulk up’ its healthcare platform.

Peloton currently has a value of somewhere around $12 to $15 billion, something that Apple can easily accomplish. Apple has not provided any comments or press releases to express its interest in acquiring Peloton yet.

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