Pennsylvania ballot verification app gets turned down

Apple has denied a ballot counting app saying that it violates privacy guidelines in the App Store.

On Google’s Play Store, Drive Turnout has been approved for distribution on the Android platform, which allows users to get their votes counted using Facebook and phone contacts.

The app does a ballot status confirmation using Pennsylvania’s state website and publicly available information. Ballot status could be searched using country of residence, DOB and name of the voter.

Drive Turnout’s description on Google mentions that it can keep track of who have voted and those who need to be checked on, and promotes full communication control.

Apple explains how the ballot counting app has violated a guideline that doesn’t allow personal information to be revealed without the user’s consent. The Pennsylvania ballot verification app was reviewed for two weeks before getting denied.

Apple has mentioned before in press releases and ads before that customer data and privacy is very important and is to be protected at every turn.

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