Permission tracking privacy feature gets early rollout on iOS 14

iOS 14.4 beta users have begun seeing the new permission tracking feature appear on their devices as part of Apple’s commitment to protecting its users’ privacy.

A dialog box showing how an app wants to track the user’s online activity pops up, with an option to ‘Ask App not to Track’ or ‘Allow’ to continue. The feature was supposed to be included in the launch of iOS 14 but developers have pushed it back at a later time.

iOS 14
NBA tracking activity on iOS 14

Facebook has been actively opposing Apple since the feature was announced to the public. The social media giant mentioned how it would hurt small businesses and even bought a full page ad in the Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post and The New York Times to emphasize its point.

Apple countered with a statement saying how the company is standing up for its users and believe that they should have control over their data being shared and collected across websites and apps.