Personalized Ads toggle appears on iOS 15

iOS 15 will have an option for users to turn Personalized Ads on or off per app.

The pop-up event is said to be coming from the server instead of baked into the beta release. Also, it may appear only when the App Store is opened, but users will be given options to enable or disable Personalized Ads on apps that have these aspects. Currently, Personalized Ads appear on Stocks, iTunes and Apple News, among others.

Personalized Ads toggle

The pop-up mentions that personalized ads can help users discover relevant services, products and apps. Apple says that user privacy is of utmost priority, and that users are given identifiers instead of direct access to their Apple ID.

The Personalized Ads toggle appears as Apple pushes for privacy options on iOS 15 and other operating systems. The Cupertino-based company has introduced other privacy-centric features, such as the iCloud Private Relay, App Tracking Transparency and App Store ‘nutrition labels’.