Philadelphia gets Apple Maps 3D treatment

iOS 15 brings a new 3D map experience in Apple Maps, and now it has arrived in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Apple launched Apple Maps 3D along with iOS 15, featuring additional detail and landmarks in cities. The updated Map is now available in major cities, including San Francisco, London, New York and Los Angeles. As far as the 3D option is concerned, the cities that have it are San Diego and Washington DC.

The number of cities that have upgraded details are now seven- the Bay Area, Washington DC, San Diego, New York, Los Angeles, London and recently, Philadelphia.

Apple Maps is the default map app and navigation system for Apple devices. To see the new 3D details for Philadelphia, it’s recommended to update the app to the latest version. After opening Apple Maps, the 3D toggle can be found at the middle rightmost part of the screen in horizontal view.

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