Pick up Samsung’s 2TB portable SSD for just $250

Save money and get some much-needed space when you upgrade to a 2TB portable SSD. Today, the Samsung T7 2TB Portable Solid State Drive is down to just $249.99 from its original price of $320 on Amazon. That’s a whopping $70 savings on an ultra-useful device.

Solid state technology means your files stick around for a longer time. Samsung’s drive offers speeds up to 1,050 mbps on reads and 1,000 mbps writes on USB 3.2 supported devices.

The shell is shock-resistant and can survive drops of up to 6 feet. DTG, or dynamic thermal guard technology prevents the drive from overheating and slows down data transfers as necessary. It makes the Samsung SSD more reliable for those who need a long-lasting drive.

Firmware update is handled by the included Portable SSD software. Samsung recommends using the included cable for optimal file transfers. At $70 off you’ll love the deal and the product itself.

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