Pikmin AR game announced by Niantic in partnership with Nintendo

Nintendo and Niantic have recently revealed a new iteration in the popular videogame title Pikmin. The mobile game will have augmented reality elements and is set to be available later this year.

While details have not been specified, both companies mentioned that the core of the new game is about ‘make walking more delightful’ and will have a global launch.

Niantic in Partnership with Nintendo

Shigeru Miyamoto of Nintendo says that Niantic’s AR technology will allow users to gain a new experience of Pikmin living around us. He further stated that their mission is to provide a refreshing perspective on the franchise and hope that Pikmin will be a ‘partner in your life’.

‘Pikmin’ AR is just one of the many titles coming on mobile from the partnership between Nintendo and Niantic. It’s also the first to come from Niantic’s studio in Tokyo since its opening in 2018.

‘Pikmin’ is a game where players control small plant-like creatures within a puzzle environment.