A man recently reported his van stolen in Pitsea along with £5,000 worth of goods.

Apple MacBook

Jude Moore was returning to his Fiat Fiorino van after a therapy session when he discovered that his vehicle was stolen. The goods included a MacBook and a Loius Vuitton bag that was worth £4,000, as well as various items such as family photos and a dog collar.

Moore expressed his frustration, saying that there were more ‘expensive cars’. He said that the police were confused by the thief’s motives as it wasn’t a particularly enticing prize.

After a quick look at the CCTV footage, it was revealed that two men have accessed the van and driven it off the street. Moore said that he couldn’t afford the loss of the items and that the therapy ‘went through the window’, while claiming that the sentimental ones were irreplaceable. The van theft had been reported with an investigation taking place currently.


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