iPhone 11 vs Pixel 4: The camera wars begin!


Since the release of the original Pixel by Google, the iPhone has been under attack as the Pixel continued to lead in the camera performance segment. Every year since then, Apple updated its cameras and called them class-leading but it just could not match the quality of the pictures captured from the Pixel. However, this year the scenario changed, Apple actually pushed new iPhones which capture extremely great pictures and are “class-leading” as the company always claims them to be.

iPhone 11 vs Pixel 4: The camera wars begin!

To fight back, Google has released the Pixel 4 with two cameras on the back. The new iPhones sport three cameras on the back – a regular main shooter, an ultrawide shooter, and a telephoto shooter. Google has taken a different path and has stuck to just two sensors on the back – a regular main shooter and a telephoto shooter.

Ultra-wide, Deep Fusion, AstroPhotography

Critics have raved the new iPhone 11 and the iPhone 11 for their stupendous cameras. It will take a few days before the Pixel 4 reviews are out. However, from what Google talked on stage about the Pixel 4, it appears that this year it will be the iPhone 11 which will win in the everyday camera segment.

Captured using Deep Fusion. Image compressed, reduced quality for internet upload.

This year, Google focused on features like astrophotography, improved zoom quality, and also improved Night Sight photos. However, Apple stuck to its guns and introduced Deep Fusion which combines multiple images to create great looking pictures. The results have been stunning as of yet. Google also does something similar by combining upto 15 images to create stellar photos. However, it appears that iPhone 11 is above the edge with extraordinary pictures with amazing levels of detail.

Ultra-wide is so 2019!

iPhone 11 vs Pixel 4: The camera wars begin!

The iPhone 11 also has an ultrawide camera on the back for capturing more without moving back. It certainly has an edge over the Pixel which lack such a feature and its something that cannot be added with a software update.

Is the iPhone 11’s camera better than the Pixel 4? We can’t say yet but Deep Fusion and the ultrawide camera on the iPhone 11 look much more promising.

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