Pixelmator app update for iOS and iPadOS goes live


Graphic editing app Pixelmator has recently undergone an update with new features and a newer, more modern look.

Pixelmator App

The Pixelmator app has been updated to version 2.7 and brings with it a refreshed design. The new interface holds several notable button and menu facelists to match the aesthetics of iOS and iPadOS.

File support for the Pixelmator Pro is added as well. The developers mentioned that Pixelmator Pro users can now port their creations onto the iPhone and iPad app, although certain features are not yet available. Alongside the refresh, the update offers graphics performance optimizations, such as the Metal API being faster than before.

In the last update, Pixelmator developers brought support for upscaling, then Apple Silicon compatibility before that. In May, the graphic editor app was updated with a refreshed Photos Browser.

Pixelmator is available on both iPad and iPhone for $4.99 from the App Store.

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