Play and learn coding with the Sphero Mini Soccer ball, now only $26


‘Small Tech, Big Play’ is the catch phrase for the Sphero Mini Soccer App-Enabled Robotic Ball. It’s just about the size of a ping pong ball but it’s packed with features you’re sure to enjoy.

Sphero Mini Soccer Ball

Today, the Sphero Mini Soccer Ball is down to just $25.80, down $24.19 from its original price of $49.99 on Amazon. You can drive it, play games or learn to code with free and supported apps.

The Blocks drive mode lets you drag and drop commands for basics. For a greater challenge, download the Edu app and program with Swift and JavaScript to unlock greater possibilities.

The Sphero Mini may also be used as controller for arcade games within the Sphero Play app. Use the Tilt, Slingshot or Joystick mode and set up play with the included 8 mini cones for an impromptu obstacle course.

You can do quite a lot with the Sphero Mini. Try it today for just $25.80.

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