Playstation 5 Consoles get Apple Music Integration

Sony’s latest gaming console officially gains the Apple Music platform weeks after it began appearing in owner dashboards.

Sony announced the move recently, and now users can play 90-plus million songs from their gaming consoles. Radio stations and curated playlists are also available to browse and access from the device. Music video playback is rated at 4K resolution.

Apple Music

PS5 users can stream Apple Music in the background or while playing, and music videos can be played continuously in-app. A new Music Function card is introduced and allows recommendations that match what the user is playing. Gaming-themed playlists and those from the player’s library will also appear.

PS5 users can get Apple Music by going to the Media section and following on-screen instructions for Apple Music account linking. They can log in with their Apple ID or have a QR code displayed from their Apple devices. The feature should be available today.

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