Internal documents that show how PlayStation Now was supposedly making an appearance on mobile devices were leaked.


Sony’s streaming gaming service, PlayStation Now is currently only available on PC and Playstations 4 and 5. When it initially launched, PS Now was available on the PS Vita, the PlayStation 3, Blu-ray devices and TVs but has been cut short. In 2017 however, Sony planned for the service to appear on Android and iOS smartphones.

The document also revealed that Apple may have known about the PS Now launch- the company’s presentation made mention that the service would only allow ‘PS3 games right now’. 2017 was also the time where it was believed that Apple was working on its own gaming service, the Apple Arcade.

It seems that the plan never came to fruition, as PS Now never appeared on the mobile platform. The tech company has focused on bringing legacy titles and launching new consoles.


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