Plex has recently announced that Apple silicon support has been added to the Plex Media Server beta version.

Plex Media Server

The beta build of the Plex Media Server is based on the ‘Universal’ Mac version, which means it’s compatible for both Intel Macs and Apple Silicon machines. Currently, Plex Media Server runs on Rosetta 2 for Macs with M1 chips.

The preview build has to be installed manually and on the official Plex website. The software does not have an auto-update function, which is something users should remember. Also, the full software notes and details are available to view on Plex’s official website and when you download the beta version of the Plex Media Server.

Plex users get faster transcoding speeds on Apple Silicon machines, albeit with a slight improvement over the previous version. Plex developers mentioned in their statement that the code is expected to be more efficient and stable, CPU-wise.


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