Pokemon Go Apple Watch Support Ending Soon

Pokemon Go developer Niantic has announced that they will not be continuing support for Pokemon Go on Apple Watch. Instead, the company will be focusing on the Adventure Sync feature to track steps and data with 3rd party apps.

Apple Watch users will no longer be able to connect their device to Pokemon Go come July 1, 2019. The company is pushing forward with the Adventure Sync feature, in which players are rewarded for distance traveled via the Google Fit and Apple Health. This way, Pokemon trainers won’t have to split their efforts on two devices.

Adventure Sync has its own share of drawbacks, including the inability to collect Pokestop items and notifications when Pokemon are within the vicinity.

Pokemon Go was originally set to be paired with the Apple Watch since its announcement on December 2016. It counted outdoor walks from the Apple Watch and originally wasn’t supposed to be a standalone version, but more of an iPhone app complement.

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