Pokemon Go Buddy Adventures will be launching soon

Niantic has announced that its new multiplayer AR feature, ‘Buddy Adventures’ will be launching soon and has shared a new promotional video in the process.

In ‘Buddy Adventures’, trainers can experience a more in-depth exploration with their Pokemon buddy. Some of the features include battling with your buddy, feeding it treats, playing to increase its level and knowing its mood.

Niantic mentions that the feature should be available in early 2020 on both iOS and Android versions. You can learn more about ‘Buddy Adventures’ and the finer details by reading the blog post on Niantic’s website.

Pokemon Go is an augmented reality game where trainers find, capture and battle Pokemon by walking around and exploring their surroundings.

Upcoming games include Pokemon Sleep, which allows trainers to level up their Pokemon by getting a good night’s sleep and the recently-released Pokemon Masters, a traditional RPG game where you battle various trainers with different Pokemon.

This is the Pokemon Go Buddy Adventures.

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