Pokemon GO celebrates 5th anniversary with special event


The makers of Pokemon GO are celebrating its 5th year anniversary launch on the iPhone with special in-app events.

Pokemon GO

The augmented reality game will feature a special Flying Pikachu starting July 6 until July 15, and a more common occurrence of Darumaka throughout the event. Fireworks are set to make a comeback in a nod to the 5th anniversary celebration.

Niantic has outlined all the details of its fifth year anniversary on its official blog website. Pokemon GO players are advised to stay safe and always be aware of their surroundings when playing the game. Furthermore, it’s recommended to follow local health authorities’ guidelines when outdoors.

Pokemon Go has several major updates during its lifespan, including Raid Battles, a better AR+ mode and Field Research, among others. The game requires a camera with AR capabilities and features Pokemon from the franchise.

Those interested can download and play the game for free on the App Store.

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