Pokemon GO to Add Multiplayer Battle Feature by 2020

Pokemon GO developer Niantic has announced today that they will be launching ranked multiplayer battle mode by the year 2020.

GO Battle League builds on Trainer Battles, currently the PVP mode in Pokemon GO which was launched about a year ago. Niantic says that GO Battle League should encourage Pokemon GO players to battle other trainers in a global ranked system.

Pokemon GO to Add Multiplayer Battle Feature by 2020

The blog post doesn’t have an exact date for the launch, only that it should be ready by ‘early 2020’. Online player battles and a ranked leaderboard setting is one of the most-requested features by Pokemon GO fans, and the move shows that the developers are listening. In the meantime, Pokemon GO players can enjoy the steady stream of events and new Pokemon being added in-game until the Battle League comes.

Pokemon GO is a game that’s available on iOS and Android platforms. It’s free to play and requires an internet connection.