Pokemon Go to Cut iOS 11 Support Soon


Developers of the mobile game Pokemon Go has recently announced that they will no longer be supporting iOS 11 in light of the upcoming October update.

Pokemon Go

Devices running iOS 11, iOS 10 and Android 5 may not be able to run the game. Pokemon Go will require 64 bit processing with iOS 12 for its next update. However, the game developers mentioned that iPhone 6 and iPhone 5s won’t be able run it even if it has iOS 12.

Niantic and other developers for Apple’s operating system have a rapid adoption rate, more so that it’s largely an AR-oriented title. The developers didn’t say if the affected devices will no longer be able to play when the October update comes out. Devices that run iOS 12 and after can continue playing Pokemon Go as normal.

Pokemon Go is a popular AR-based game on iOS and Android. It’s free to play and download.

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