Pokemon Sleep and Pokemon Home Announced For The iOS

The Pokemon Company announced two new mobile games and a cloud app that’s set to be released by 2020 and beyond. This news was released in a Tokyo press conference that also made mention of a new Detective Pikachu title for the Nintendo Switch.

One of the mobile titles, titled Pokemon Sleep will gamify your sleeping and waking time in line with the gameplay. According to Tsunekazu Ishihara, the game connects to a Pokemon GO Plus + peripheral via Bluetooth and record data points such as time spent sleeping, waking up, etc. The device also connects to Pokemon Go and works just like its predecessor, the Pokemon GO Plus.

Pokemon Sleep and Pokemon Home iOS

Pokemon Home is set to become a cloud service that allows gamers to manage their Pokemon across Nintendo consoles such as the Switch, the 3DS and mobile devices. HOME will act like a central location where users can organize Pokemon or to trade Pokemon with friends.

Launch for both Pokemon Sleep and Pokemon Home are slated for early 2020 on the Switch, iOS, and Android.