Polymer, Not Metal Or Glass Could Be The Future Of Smartphone Material

As smartphones get more powerful they tend to heat up, especially during extended use.

MIT researchers have come up with a potential dealbreaker that could solve heating issues on flagship, gaming and high-powered phones. Forget glass, metal or plastic- the newer mobile phone material may be made of custom polymer.


This polymer can solve heating problems inherent with smartphones by allowing dissipation instead of containment. With this mechanism, future smartphones can be used for far longer without having to worry about their devices becoming a hot potato.

The same group has made further breakthroughs by making the polymer easy to manufacture and mass-produce. It’s more cost-efficient than glass or metal bodies that grace today’s smartphones. Furthermore, it’s thinner but more delicate as well.

There’s no saying when and if the technology will be embraced by smartphone manufacturers, but it could very well change the landscape of how phones will be designed in the future.