Porsche adds new Carplay update to My Porsche app

The new My Porsche App now has CarPlay integration ahead of Apple’s planned revamp.

Porsche car owners can get the update on their app, which adds several functionalities in regards to CarPlay. App integration, entertainment, lighting, comfort, and audio features are now controllable via Apple CarPlay. The car manufacturer said that users can utilize CarPlay and the app to do more, including lighting adjustment, controlling in-car temperature, changing radio stations, and more.


Siri voice command allows for hands-free control of the aforementioned functions, and there are wellness modes such as ‘refresh’, ‘warm up’, and ‘relax’ that can be activated this way. It’s worth noting that the update is not the next-gen experience Apple has promised.

Porsche owners can update their My Porsche app by scanning a QR code in the PCM. New CarPlay functions will be made available as soon as they’re released. The Porsche Cayenne will be the first to take advantage of the new functionality, with other models to follow.