Apple could release a portless iPhone this year


Apple unveiled the MagSafe charging technology on the iPhone 12 models last year. It is basically wireless charging more intuitive by making the charger and the phone latch on to each other magnetically. The problem with wireless chargers is that they require placing the phone correctly on the wireless charging pads.

iPhone 12 Pro Max

The MagSafe charger by Apple for the iPhone is a circular puck which automatically makes the wireless charging coil make contact with the iPhone. It is an intuitive process but while being an expensive accessory. However, the prices of wireless chargers and even MagSafe chargers could fall in the near future as wireless charging becomes less of a novelty.

MagSafe is the future of charging

Well, Apple released the MagSafe charger which charges the iPhone and there is absolutely no reason to have the Lightning port anymore. Previously, the Lightning port was used for audio output by many people, however most people have moved onto using wireless charging and not many people connect their iPhones to their desktops or laptops. The only reason the Lightning port is used for charging has to be for solving any software problems by connecting it to a full fledged computer for diagnostics and repairs.

Apple MagSafe Charger
MagSafe for iPhone

Many sources with information about Apple’s plans have said that the company will release a portless phone this year. If Apple does release such a phone, it will very likely be only one top-tier expensive model, as the masses will not be happy to use a phone which will require investing in expensive accessories for charging, audio, and other purposes.

Apple has always used the top-tier models to introduce new features and over the years, the features trickle down to all the models of a category. It’s an industry standard process to release a product at a high price, and as the demand increases and technology turns old, the price will fall. 


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