Powerbeats Pro are back in stock on Amazon and at selected Apple Stores


If you were looking forward to buying the Powerbeats Pro, now is your chance. Upon checking on Apple’s website, it looks like they are back in stock in selected Apple stores. If you wish to order them online via Amazon, they appear to be in stock with them now as well.

Powerbeats pro

Buy the Powerbeats Pro on Amazon

Buying from an Apple Store

If you wish to buy them at the Apple Store, we suggest you search it up on Apple’s website to check whether they are in stock with them as very few Apple stores have them.

To check its availability at your nearest Apple store, go to Apple’s website by clicking here and click “Check another store” under the “Add to Bag” button. You will then be asked for your City or Zip code. Once you enter your City or Zip code, it will list all the Apple Stores near you along with the availability of the Powerbeats Pro.

You can also order it online from Apple’s website, however, the item may be delivered in July. Therefore, if you want to buy them asap, we suggest you get it from Amazon or physically from your nearest Apple Store.

When Apple publicly launched the Powerbeats Pro last month, they were all sold out in just a day. This left many Apple fans angry and disappointed due to the limited stocks the company had on their launch day. Now, it appears that Apple is getting its new wireless earphones slowly back in stock at selected Apple stores.

Did you get your hands on the all-new Powerbeats Pro? Let us know in the comments below.

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