An anonymous prankster had put up the Facebook domain for sale on a famous domain registrar UNIREGISTRY, which is originally powered by GoDaddy — one of the worlds largest domain registrars on the internet.

Facebook domain for sale

As UNIREGISTRY is commonly used for putting up branded domains for auction, the prankster had put up the domain for a sale for $1 billion.

After the news went viral on Twitter, UNIREGISTRY took down the page to avoid any big business owners falling for the prank.

Facebook down for sale on WHOIS information

The domain was put up for sale right after Facebook had gone down worldwide. As Facebook had been down for many hours, the prankster thought to put it up for sale for fun.

It’s unclear if this prank had any effects on the Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerburg’s net worth. According to reports, the downtime has cause Mark Zuckerburg a $7 billion net worth loss.

As we write this article, Facebook was still offline and it’s unclear how much longer would Facebook be down for.

For those who aren’t aware, Instagram, WhatsApp and Messenger that are owned by Facebook are down too.


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