Pre-Wordle Wordle clone tops free games chart on iOS


Wordle is a popular game that’s aimed at word enthusiasts and casual gamers. It’s understandable that it stands atop the ‘Top Free Games’ chart; however, it’s not the official version and actually pre-dates the original.

Pre-Wordle Wordle Clone Tops Free Games

Wordle! existed prior to the huge success of the web version and is developed by Steven Cravotta. He started noticing an uptick in terms of downloads and promptly reached out to the web game creator Josh Wardle in regards to this matter. Together, the pair donated profits gained to Boost! West Oakland.

Wordle! has a description that reads, ‘just like the viral word game, but on your phone!’ and contains in-app purchases such as skip level tokens, in-app coins and the ability to unlock words, as well as a ‘remove ads’ option for $2.99.

The New York Times recently bought out the web version of Wordle for its own use, and it isn’t clear if the recently added ‘Wordle’ game mode in Wordle! is allowed under legal standards.

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