The App Store recently highlighted the Poppy Seed Health app and its contribution to helping people with postpartum and pregnancy care.

Poppy Seed Health

Simmone Taitt, app founder, mentioned how she needed information about her first pregnancy loss, which led to its creation. She said that she was left without any mental, emotional or medical health support following her last appointment, and that she resorted to the world wide web to find the answers.

Poppy Seed Health launched April 2021 on the App Store and connects people to a network of nurses, midwives and doulas. It works similarly to a dating app in terms of an algorithm to match people with the right care and depending on the stage of their pregnancy. The app matches user preference for ethnicity, language and LGBTQIA+ identification.

Poppy Seed Health is available to download on the App Store, and runs on a subscription for $29 per month.


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