Privacy on iPhone: Latest Apple iPhone ad assures privacy in Trolly way


Apple has just released a new privacy-conscious ad today. The commercial is visually focused on privacy, with no dialogue and a simple slogan: Privacy on iPhone — Private Side.

Privacy on iPhone

The ad consists of witty scenarios, which highlights that sometimes you just want a little privacy. The 54 second’s spot has just one line of text otherwise and is consistent with Apple’s messaging on privacy. “If privacy matters in your life, it should matter to the phone your life is on.”

With progress on security, encryption, reluctance to track users and hardened default settings, Apple has gained some privacy bragging rights.

However, it is still tough to forget that instantly after his January advertisements, a teen exposed a FaceTime vulnerability that let anyone listen in on the microphone before a call started and was unable to get Apple’s response to fix it before the glitch went viral on Twitter. Here their pride expects it won’t go before another fall.


Naveed Ahmed

Naveed Ahmed was a news editor at iLounge. He would cover the latest news about the new iPhone models and provide readers with in-depth reviews of the devices.