Production Of New Mac Pro May Be Moving to China

Apple’s new Mac Pro may not have ‘Made in the US’ label anymore, as production may be ultimately moved to China. According to the Wall Street Journal, the recently unveiled Apple device will be produced under Quanta Computer, a company in China. It’s expected that the move will cost Apple less compared to making it in Texas, where the precious Mac Pro was made.

An Apple spokesman mentioned that the Mac Pro will still be engineered and designed in the U.S. with components that are made in the U.S. Furthermore, the spokesperson stated that final assembly is just one part of the whole manufacturing process.

The new Mac Pro is a high-end workstation that houses powerful hardware, including 28 core Xeon processors, 4TB of SSD space, 1.5TB of RAM, a Radeon Pro Vega II graphics card and 8 PCIe expansion slots. We can expect it to come out this fall with prices starting at $5,999.

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