‘Project Blue’ by Astropad Turns the iPad into a PC Drawing Tablet


Astropad recently announced a public beta of its ‘Project Blue’, which effectively transforms an iPad into a wireless drawing tablet for PCs.

Project Blue

Before the PC feature Astropad could turn an iPad into a drawing tablet for Macs, but the company has expanded to include PCs and Windows-based devices.

‘Project Blue’ supports the use of Apple Pencil, with the iPad gaining a few touch gesture customizations, as well as shortcuts and tools on Windows. The iPad can be connected via USB connection or Wi-Fi.

The requirements for ‘Project Blue’ is as follows- the iPad must be running at least iOS 9.1, and the PC must be running at least Windows 10 64 bit with build 1809.

Those who are interested can download the ‘Project Blue’ software for free on the official website of Astropad. The company intends to add the feature to its Astropad suite, but now it’s available to test via signing up.

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