Need a laptop stand that’s as stylish as your MacBook and can last a lifetime? The Nulaxy C3 Aluminum Stand is all that, and more. Today, you can buy it for just $16.99, down $5 from its original price of $22 on Amazon.

Nulaxy Laptop Stand

The laptop stand is optimized for ergonomics so you won’t have a sore neck, back and shoulders at the end of the day. The material is premium aluminum alloy precisely machined to assemble and disassemble without any issues. It’s compatible with virtually every MacBook in existence, from the MacBook Air to MacBook Pro and everything in between.

The stand is tough and can support a maximum weight of 22 lbs. Rubber pads at the surface hold the riser in place so you won’t have to worry about slippage. Afterwards, you can take it apart easily and stash in your bag for utmost convenience.

If you own a MacBook and don’t have a stand yet, now is the perfect time to buy the discounted Nulaxy C3 Aluminum Stand today!


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