Protect Your AirTags with a Silicone Keychain Case, Now 11% Off

AirTags can help you find valuable items, such as your car keys, bag or smartphone, but who will protect them from physical damage? You’ll need a protective covering to keep it functioning and non-scratched. Today, the Elago Basic AirTag case is down to just $7.99 from its original price of $9 on Amazon.

The elago Basic Case comes in Black, Dark Gray, Lavender or Stone and perfectly fits your AirTags. It comes with a keychain so you can attach it to your bag, luggage or bike without having to affix it with tape or other means.


Food-grade silicone will wrap around the AirTags and keep it safe from scratches and the occasional bumps and falls. It’s safe for pets and kids and has a simple design that works well with Apple’s tracker. It’s one of the best AirTags cases that offer full protection, and at 11% off it’s a superb deal!