Provide Rugged Armor Protection to Your AirPods Pro For Only $13

Save both your wallet and your AirPods Pro with a discounted AirPods Pro case from Pelican. Today, the Pelican Marine AirPods Pro Rugged Case is down to just $12.99 from its original price of $40 on Amazon.

The Pelican Marine case is true to form, offering unprecedented 24/7 protection to your AirPods Pro. It’s a heavy-duty case with IP68 certification against dirt, dust, water, and snow. On the outside, the shell is grippy and won’t accidentally slip through your hands or fingers. It’s also shockproof, meaning your AirPods Pro and case won’t get damaged from scratches, bumps, and drops.

Airpods Pro 2/1 Case with Keychain

Included in the package is a carabiner clip so you can attach your earphones to your backpack, bag, or pouch. As far as accessibility is concerned, you’ll still be able to use the charging port and lid via wireless or wired charging. Get the discounted Pelican Marine AirPods Pro Case today!