PUBG Mobile Streamer Called Out Tencent Developers To Fix Bugs In The Game


PUBG mobile by Tencent is the most downloaded mobile video game nowadays and its been a great source of entertainment for the game lovers. Tencent game developers are upgrading this game every other day with new updates (Guns, Outfits, Maps, and Skins, etc). People seem to be happy with the updates of this amazing game. But, with the recent updates, some streamers are facing weird issues in the game.

PUBG Mobile

Recently, a PUBG mobile streamer who is well known for spending a lot of time and money into the game, Powerbang uploaded a video in which he called out the developers to fix out the issues he is facing in the game.

The issues he’s facing right now is that he can hear no sound but just noise. He also reported about the glitches like hill glitches, automatic doors, headshot glitch in his previous videos.

I must say, PUBG should be concerned about the satisfaction of its gamers, otherwise, people will start leaving the game for good. What do you guys think? Tencent must pay attention to what its users are reporting to.

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