Qi2 wireless chargers in the works

The Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) recently announced that the first batch of Qi2 wireless chargers will be available in the holiday season.

Qi2 technology was first unveiled this year. The technology uses Magnetic Power Profile and work similarly to the MagSafe charging offered by Apple. Magnets allow for better alignment and faster charging compared to its predecessor. On the Apple side, the iPhone 15 was the first to adopt the Qi2 charging standard, and the WPC claims that there will be more than a hundred Qi2 devices coming out this year, with notable brands such as Anker, Mophie, Aircharge, and Belkin joining the fray.

Qi2 Wireless Chargers

The Magnetic Power Profile was made largely in part to Apple’s contribution, combined with the Extended Power Profile to form Qi2 technology. The new chargers are believed to support up to 15W, but there’s no word on whether Apple’s MagSafe will go beyond the 7.5W charging limit.